There's Something Happening Around Here....

Customers with a few grapes

We expect the 2014 grape crop to be smaller than most anytime in the past 5 years due to the tough winter. Some varieties have done well, several others less well. We will know more about the potential size of the crop in mid-June,, 2014.


BRANDY! Yep. Wisconsites love to drink their brandy, and now they have a local brandy to drink.  The Old Sugar Distillery, 931 E. Main St., downtown, Madison has released it's "Brandy Station."  It was an initial small batch and nearly sold out the first day it was available. Word is out that it is smooth, yet powerful. Check out the powerhorse on its label. 

And in case you were wonderiing where the grapes came from to make this memorable nectar of the gods, just ask us. Why of course it was from Mitchell Vineyard.  Next year Old Sugar will release a much larger batch, so watch for it in the early fall of 2012.


Look at what is available in the different seasons:

Spring  Call ahead for our pruning class, held late April, early May each year.  

Summer  If you would like to visit our farm please call ahead to make sure we will be working that day. For parties or weddings please call far in advance to work out logistics.

Autumn  We will be having two winemaking classes at Mitchell vineyard this Fall. Will be scheduled in August, 2014. See "Winemakng Class" on the sidebar for more information. Cost is $20/per person. Please bring your questions, whether about hydrometers, how to grow grapes, trellis systems, when to pick grapes, or how to bring a bottle of wine to the vineyard to have us taste it with you. Cheers!

Winter  While the vineyard is covered with snow, the vines and nature lovers need time to rest and bath in thoughts of the warm, glorious days of summer lately past, and the fresh fields and vineyard of spring anew.