Mitchell Vineyard Pruning classes Spring 2021.


We try to choose days when the weather is agreeable, but we haven't discovered a way to control it yet. When we do, we'll let you know!

Good luck with your vines this season!


Learn how to prune your grapevines so they produce a good crop of ripe grapes, perfect for wine, eating, or juice.  A few things done right can help your vines with survival and then high quality grapes. Bring your questions so you can get answers to your most pressing problems.


Where:          Mitchell Vineyard                     When: Saturday April ?? 2022

                      4252 Sunny Ridge Rd 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM    Rain, sun or SNOW! 

                      Oregon, WI                                 Fee: $50      each individual 





Where:          Mitchell Vineyard                   When: Sunday, April ??, 2022

                      4252 Sunny Ridge Rd 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM    Rain, sun or SNOW!

                      Oregon, WI                               Fee: $50      each individual


                              $75 for both classes, will involve more handson pruning!

Because of the current coronavirus situation we will be very careful at maintaining a 6' to 8' separation between all of us. Fortunately in the vineyard, being outside, we should be able to do this. We expect those of us who are ill will not attend, and those of us who do attend will take the necessary precautions. Please be safe and have a successful vineyard season! Please wear a mask if you wish to.
We will provide some useful vineyard pruning nformation. 
We will discuss when to prune, double pruning, determining the number of buds and canes to leave, what to look for and what to avoid, and the varieties you might want to plant.  We will also discuss basic problems you will encounter and what to do about them. 
We will look at Concord, Foch, Marquette, LaCrescent, and Itasca vines. 
To register for the class you can call Dave at 608-225-9210, e-mail at, or text the above phone number.or leave a message. The 2 classes can be quite different depending on the varieties we work with, and the course of the questions encountered. If undecided you can take the 1st class and decide then whether to take the second.
Attendees will do hands-on pruning, with a walk around the vineyard to see how different vines need different pruning techniques. Bring your own pruning shears if you have them.

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