Winemaking classes Fall 2020




Thank you for attending our class this September 2019 
May all of your winemaking efforts provide you with tasty, delicious wine.
We will be having 1 winemaking class this fall.  This class is given by Aaron Voskuil of the Wine & Hop Shop, WDraft Brewery, and Mitchell Vineyard. 
If you are new to winemaking or want to improve your skills our winemaking class is for you. You will have plenty of time to ask questions, tour the vineyard and watch other winemakers pick, crush, and press their grapes. 
Please show up at the vineyard 15 minutes before class begins.   There is no limit on attendees.
Sunday, September ?, at 11:00 AM at Mitchell Vineyard   
The class will take approximately 1 hr and a half.
Cost $30
Information from the Wine & Hop Shop about the Vineyard Class.
This class will cover the basics of winemaking, including fruit harvesting, ingredients in wine, measuring sugar levels, how to achieve success with your winemaking, .picking grapes, and much more...and you will have opportunities to ask questions and the wander through the vineyard visiting the vines and grapes.
The purchase price ($30 per person) of this fun and informative class also includes a $10 certificate to the Shop. How do you beat that? 
Sunday, September ?, 11 - 12:30 pm, @ the Mitchell Vineyard (4252 Sunny Ridge Road, Oregon, WI  53575). 
Don't get caught off-guard by harvest season. The Shop has all of the yeast,additivesfermentersrental crushers and presses, helpful advice, and anything else you may need. 
       The Wine & Hop Shop 1919 Monroe St,  Madison, WI   608-257-0099