Winemaking classes Fall 2018



Our 2 winemaking classes this fall are listed below.  The Saturday class is held by David Mitchell, owner of Mitchell Vineyard. The Sunday class is given by Aaron Voskuil of the Wine & Hop Shop, Madison. 


If you are new to winemaking or want to improve your skills our winemaking class is for you. You will have plenty of time to ask questions, tour the vineyard and watch other winemakers pick, crush, and press their grapes. 

Please show up at the vineyard 15 minutes before class begins.


Saturday September 8,   3-5 PM -  at Mitchell Vineyard   

Instructor Aaron Voskuil winemaking expert from The Wine & Hop Shop, Madison


Cost $30.00 $50 for 2


Take the short drive out to the beautiful countryside for our annual class at the Vineyard. We will go through the entire vintning process from harvest, crush, press and fermentation. Be prepared to harvest your own grapes and get a little bit dirty. Can't wait to see you out there!


Saturday, September 15,   9 AM - 10:30 AM at Mitchell Vineyard   

Instructor - David Mitchell, founder and owner of Mitchell Vineyard, 42 years and still loving grapes.

Cost $30.00 $50 for 2 (includes 10 lbs of grapes from the vineyard)


Dave will cover the different trellis systems at the vineyard, grape varieties, important aspects of grape growing for wine, and techniques of winemaking. Don't miss this or Dave will not be able to give 10 lbs of grapes to deserving winemakers. 



We will also cover vineyards, varieties of grapes and Wisconsin's grape growing issues.

Please call 608-225-9210, 608-577-9196 or 608-257-0099 (The Wine & Hop Shop) for more information.