About Us

Hauling Picked Grapes for Customers

Mitchell Vineyard is a 6 acre vineyard located just 18 minutes from downtown Madison. We planted our first vines in 1976 to provide grapes for our winemakers and have continued planting, experimenting, and adapting our vineyard to produce the finest, high quality grapes for wine, juice or fresh eating for our pick-your-own customers. We labor intensively through the spring, summer, and fall to provide only the best grapes. The proof will be in your bottle.


Our Vineyard

We support local agriculture. Our vineyard is located on 3 different soils that provide excellent drainage for our vines.  After heavy rains we never have standing water in our vineyard. Also, because of the gentle slope of our vineyard and location we have been fortunate to seldom have frost damage in late spring.  We keep the rows between the vines in sod to prevent soil erosion and do what we can to minimize environmental damage.


Our Season in the Sun

We work all spring and summer while looking forward to the fall picking season. It is then, when the colors of the grapes turn from green to pink, red, or gold, that we marvel at the beauty of vineyards.  To us, there are mountains, oceans, canyons, and forests, which all have their own beauty, but walking in a vineyard, smelling the ripening grapes, has an incomparable feeling all its own.  And in the evening as the leaves gently rustle in the breeze and the sun sets and  the gathering darkness envelopes the vines, just being there is its own reward.


Come visit us, taste some grapes, pick some, and take a walk on the vine side!


Dave, George, Marlin, Terry, Susana, Paul Dan, and more of us around harvest time.

Photo Gallery: Our Vineyard at a Glance