Mitchell Vineyard 2022


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                                   September 25, Sunday 2022

       We are now open each Tuesday 1-5:30, Saturdays 10-4 pm and Sundays noon - 4 pm. We are there on our dates - Sunhine, Rain, or Snow!


                           Concord is Ripe now! 

We have a nice large crop. Time for wine, jam and fresh eating!  The Foch and St Croix are also ripe and ready and have substantial crops.  And if you would like a great variety for adding depth to your other reds, 


                            PETITE PEARL IS IT!


It is in great shape now and can augment the Foch variety very well. We have tasted Petite Pearl in combination with other varieties and it adds depth of flavor to them.


                                     Special Price

Because we have a very large crop of Foch grapes we are pricing them at our lowest price in years. They are now $1.00/lb., and if you pick more than 300 lbs the drop even more. See our prices below!


Note: if you are picking grapes for making a small amount of juice you may need to bring your own bottle or bottles to put the juice in! We cannot keep up with the current demand for our-recycled bottles. Thank you for your patience. 


See all our varieties and prices below!


  Many of our friends have already been enjoying the vineyard for the earlier varities. 

We're looking forward to seeing you all again this season. Bring some friends. They may enjoy just walking around the vineyard looking, looking at the grapes, tasting them and checking out our flower displays.  There's no charge for that!  We know several young ones have enjoyed our grapes the past several days and have had fun picking heir own grapes, and carrying their small baskets of grapes home.


                                 Decreasing Wine Acidity


Here are some ways to decrease the acidity in your wine if needed


1. Blend, with a low acid wine, e.g. St Croix

2. Dilute Add water to taste. It will dilute the flavor and acidity.

3. Malolatic Fementatation. You will need a malolactic lculture for this! It improves mouthfeel, is used in most red wines and works well in many white wines also.

4. Cold Stabilization this means chilling the wine prior to bottling. It preceiptates out excess tararic acid, which settles out into the bottom of our glass fermenter. You rack off this sediment and have your lower acid wine.

5. Chemical neutralization. Potassium or Calcium Carbonate can be used ro remove wine acids. it is usually done before fermentation so as not to reduce aromatic compounds in the wine. "Acidex Super K" can alse be used to lower the acid in your wine.



If you desire  have your whites pressed, please have them ready 1.5 hours before closing time. It helps us get out after a long day of helping all our friendly customers. Thank you!




Mid season now! Itasca is gone and Marquette is very low. But the main crops are very nice

Start Date


Brix, % sugar

Sep ? (update) 


Acid Level Potential and current size
Concord Wine, juice, eating

We are picking concords now and for the next 2 weeks

16=17 Tasty when ripe Large

Red wine, deep color. blends very well with P. Pearl & Marquette. St Croix makes it smoooth!


vry nice.

20 - 22 Moderate Large
Marquette Red wine, great flavor,  Out! Sorry 21-22 Moderate Out for this year! More next season!
St. Croix Red, smooth, low acid, early provides recommended flavor profile Picking Now! Sep 13 and onwards


Low acid grape. Smooth!


Petite Pearl Red wine, depth of flavor, popular, great for adding depth to other varieties.

Picking now.

Very good for red wines!


Flavor developing quickly

Add depth to reds, alone or blended! Looking good this year

Red, big flavor, dry or can produce a great port style

Out! sorry


  Solid! Very nice
LaCrescent White, a favorite, highly desired Few left, only for those foraging. 20-22 Moderate Large
Delaware Rose, delicous, tasty, beautiful clusters

Now Picking! 

Very sweet now!  

Getting smaller!

But delicious!

Itasca White, new, low acid, popular  August 30 22-23 Gone! sorry Out for this year!
St Pepin White, nice dry wine

Out! Sorry

20   Very nice
Crescent Pearl A new beautiful variety Out! Sorry

Gone! sorry.

It was a very small new crop this season!

  Very new grape, 2 more years till 1st harvest.



Grape Prices 2022 Tuesdays (1-5:30), Saturdays (10-4) & Sundays (12-4)











0-30 lb

31-100 lb

100+ lb

300- 1,000

1000+ lb



Purple, wine, eat






Delaware pink, eating, wine 2.05 1.80 1.60 1.45   n/a


Red, wine







Red, wine






St Croix

Red, wine







Red, wine






Petite Pearl Red, wine 2.05 1.80 1.60 1.45   n/a


White, wine







White, wine






St Pepin

White, wine




















* If we pick the grapes for you the price 1,000 lbs or over is $1.30/lb.

(We need as much lead time as possible due to labor shortages)

We charge .15/lb if we pick your grapes for you! It covers our extra labor costs!


                Winemaking Supplies & Equipment                                  

We have a lot of winemaking supplies to purchase at the vineyard, including:

Yeasts, nutrients, other winemaking chemicals, jugs, plastic pails,  in various sizes. We are not a full-time wine and beer shop, but we carry the essentials. 


Vineyard Items to sell:   

Aluminum  picking trays, vineyard wire (and lots of it), in various lengths and sizes, trellis and vine equipment including wire catches, rubber tying bands, various VSP clips, GDC arms..all at very good prices. call us at 608 225 9210


We also have now a Howard Rototiller, 6' long

It can rototill anything. Works on a 3 pt hitch. $300


Our Aluminum Picking trays are just $15 each. Can be used for strawberries, grapes, anything you can fit in them. These will never rust. Will last as long as you do!


Variety Description


Concord...a very good sized crop of this tasty purple immensely popular grape variety.

Delaware.  this very popular light red grape which makes a nice wine and is delicious eating has a limited crop. It is a popular variety to just pick and immediately eat!The clusters we have are very nice though. It will go early. So be prepared.

Foch...we have a large sized crop of this versatile red variety with great depth of color.It has become very popular as the basis for the blending of very good wines.Quite easy picking. of our largest crops of this variety. So, if you like a sweet wine or a port this would be a good year for Frontenac.

Itasca.... we have a larger crop than in 2021. But the supply is still limited. It is a new white with a low acidity so it should produce a white wine that is easy to make since it may need little or no acid reduction. WE ahve planted more of this grape but it takes several years for a vine to mature.

LaCrescent  a very popular white...we have a good sized crop, but is popular so goes quickly.

Marquette...this very popular variety has a very nice crop. We have tried to increase our amount each year to satisfy our customers.

Petite Pearl...We have our largest crop so far of this shy bearing red grape. This late season red should ripen a bit early this year as we have controlled its quantity to have that happen. 

St. Croix....this early picking, soft to the taste, soft, red grape looks very good this year. If you liked it in the past be sure to get on it early. Beautiful red color. Picking in early September 2022.

St. Pepin white. This vine has been more and more popular . However it is a shy bearing variety. It makes a nice dry or semi-dry wine.





This may be an especially good year. The vines have responded to the rain and heat with a very nice crop. While we still have a couple of weeks to go before harvest we are hopeful they will meet your expectations. We are also glad they are an outside crop which should make the picking safer were it otherwise


We have no seedless table grapes. They ripen early and the birds take advantage of that fact.

However, our seeded grapes taste as good. We eat the a lot and can't wait until they ripen.

As for the seeds, one can chew them ( a ripe grape has crunchy, tasty seeds), swallow them, as do birds, or see how far you can blow them out of one's mouth. 


And chefs, please don't forget about verjuice, and Marrie Beer. As you may know it was used during Medieval days and is becoming increasingly popular now for its flavors. Wikipedia has info on it saying:  "Nonetheless, it is still used in a number of French dishes as well as recipes from other European and Middle Eastern cuisines, and can be purchased at some gourmet grocery stores. The South Australian cook Maggie Beer has popularised the use of verjuice in her cooking and it is being used increasingly in South Australian restaurants. Maggie Beer commercially produces verjuice. 

You can produce your own from our unripe, sour grapes, which we have each year before they ripen.  How much fun can that be! Impressive!  As some French may say "Vive nos appetits!"



 Please remember that pressing white grapes can take a while. Please help us by having your whites or reds ready for pressing at least 1.5 hours before closing time. Reds are almost always fermented on skins before pressing. This makes a fuller bodied and flavored wine than just fermenting on the juice, as is done with white wine.



Frontenac  This grape is very popular for making port wines and makes a good dry red wine if the higher acidity level is dealt before or during fermentation. We have winemaking directions at the vineyard. The crop looks nice this year and is one of our largest of this variety.


Foch  A very nice, large  crop this year! We think you will be happy at the ease of picking. This is the most widely planted red wine grape in the Midwest and upper mid-west. It can be made into a variety of styles and is a very good grape for being the base wine in any blend.  Try it as a medium rose wine, chilled. Delicious! Make a light red wine, easy to quaff or ferment on the skins longer for more tannins and aging potential. Foch has cherry notes. We have a large, easy to pick crop of Foch this season. A small amount of Foch in a white wine can give you an attractive, delicious rose wine.


Marquette We now have 5 nice rows of this variety.This is one of our more popular red grapes. It has more tannins than other reds and has a high sugar and alcohol content. We have a larger than average, nice crop of it this year. We plan on having more Marquette in 2023.


Petite Pearl  This season of 2022 it is very nice, with a plentiful crop of large clusters.  Low acid levels make Petite Pearl ideal for northern red winemaking. It makes a standalone varietal wine and also serves as a valuable blending component. The wine has a dark red garnet color. It shows complexity in aroma and flavor that can be easily shaped by yeast selection and blending. The grape chemistry of Petite Pearl has been lauded as being vinifera-like (Brix ranging from 22-24.5, pH of 3.3-3.6 and titratable acidity of 6 — 7 g/L.) In addition, the wine has no labrusca-like or 'hybrid” aromas or flavors..

It is a later season patience is required to pick it at it's best


St. Croix  Nice crop this year! juicy, juicy, flavorful and soft. Increasingly popular! This makes a very soft, early maturing, easy to drink red wine with low acidity. A good blending grape.  If you prefer mellowness in your wine this is a good choice. It is ready to drink sooner than most other reds.  We have a very nice and large crop this year.  St Croix makes a medium to full-bodied, dry, deep red wine with soft tannins and good fruit aromas, along with currant and other dried fruit flavor qualities. It is often picked at 17 - 19- % sugar for best flavor. Don't wait too long to pick this variety. It will likely be gone after September 16. Alcohol is typically around 10- 11%   



 Please remember that pressing white grapes can take a while. Please help us by having your whites ready for pressing at least 1.5 hours before closing time. Reds are usually fermented on skins before pressing. This makes a fuller bodied and flavored wine than just fermenting on the juice, as is done with white wine.


LaCrescent   This grape makes our most popular white wine.  It provides honey, grapefruit, and tangerine aromas and flavors. We have a very nice crop this year, our largest ever. When you pick this grape make sure you pick the golden clusters, ideally on both sides. We have rigorously pulled leaves around these clusters to get as much sun as possible on each and every one.


Istaca This is a newer white variety. We are sold out for this year but it is just small moderate in size, and in demand.  Itasca produces a dry, or sweet,  white wine that is light yellow to straw in color and has aromas of pear, quince, violet, melon, minerals, and subtle honey notes. Itasca has exhibited lower acidity and higher sugar levels. It is considered a very hardy, disease resistant cultivar expected to reduce spray inputs. It should survive - 20 F temperatures.

For winemaking the acid is low, needing no adjustment, the sugar is high.  Have fun with this new variety this year. But supply will be limited! Our 2022 crop is our largest of this fine white variety. It doesn't last long.  It is also very popular with birds! Be sure to keep your Campden TAblets (Potassium Metabisulfite) up to recommendations so oxidaton of this lower acid white is prevented!


St Pepin  This makes either a dry wine (one of my favorites) or a slightly sweet wine. It is having a nice crop for this light bearing grape. Makes a very fruity white wine. The grape has low acidity and moderate sugar content. Because it is thick skinned it is popularly used to make an "ice" wine. The crop looks good, but we have just 1 row, and the demand will be high. However, we cannot not save it here for ice wine. If you have your own grapes and want to put in the effort, give it a try. We wouldn’t mind tasting your effort if it works out.





CONCORD  What can you say? Big, purple, bursting with flavor, good for eating, juice, and wine. We have a large crop with large clusters this year. Everyone who has tasted this grape when young knows it will always be around. It is the ultimate in a very flavorful, very fruity, great tasting grape, how can you resist it? Why is it an extremely popular grape among the non-experts of wine tasting? It is because people like the flavor. It can be made dry, slightly sweet, moderately sweet, or as sweet as you might like. Remember, fermenting on the skins and then pressing afterwards will give you more of the famouns Concord PURPLE color! Of course this is your decision. 

Did I mention sweet wine or fresh juice - again the Concord rules.  We expect to harvest it early mid-to late September.


DELAWARE   2022 will find it back to its usually fine place in our list of varieties. this is a pink, light red beauty, that is tasteee. Don't wait too long on it this year.  Among our fellow employees this probably takes top spot as favorite eating grape, seedless or wine variety. It is not well known outside the Eastern US, but once you taste it you won't forget it. It is popular as a pink and spicy, sparkling wine. The Delaware grape is also a table grape variety sold in supermarkets throughout Japan, where labrusca grape varieties are popular for their fragrance.  



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