Items to sell at Vineyard in 2022

We will have many iems to sell at the vineyard this fall of 2018. Here's a partial list:


All of the basic winemaking needed items such as

Yeast, nutrient, Sulfite, Campden Tablets, fermentation locks, tubing, 1 gal glass jugs, 3,5 6.5 gallon glass carboys, and so on.....most of your usual, needed fermentation items


But wait, there's more...just in time for our fall cleaning time.

We have:


Vineyard wire, many sizes, lengths....very very iexpensive

GDC (Geneva Double Cuirtain trellis) great prices

a Howard Rotovator.....6' wide...needs a tractor to use

Parts of an old in free!

and lots more...just look around and ask...