Winemaking Recipe Sheet

General Winemaking Recipe Sheet
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Concord Wine Recipe
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Delaware Grape Wine Recipe
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Foch and Millot Grape Wine Recipe
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Frontenac Grape Wine Recipe
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LaCrescent and Prairie Star Grape Wine Recipe
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Wine Information

Acidity, Decreasing


Decreasing Wine Acidity
Remember that acid is essential to a good wine. Too little and a wine is flat and insipid. Enough acid gives a wine brightness, clarity, and a lightness of being. Pinot Noir owes it elegance to its combination of acid and fruity flavors. Midwest wines offer the chance for the brightening glance of acidity.
Do nothing, sweeten until balanced. A small amount of sweetness can balance a wine.
Blend with low acid wines
Amelioration (water addition) – adding a percentage of water, often distilled water is used.
(Cold stabilization) – Easy to Do! chilling wine in a carboy prior to bottling to precipitate out excess tartaric acid
Chemical neutralization - Easy to Do! Potassium or calcium carbonate (K2CO3, CaCO3) can be used to remove wine
acids. The addition is typically done prior to fermentation for a couple of reasons, one of which is there is less danger of losing aroma compounds that are primarily in non-volatile precursor forms that are less susceptible to loss due to this type of addition. We carry an acid reducing agent called “Acidex Super K” which combines several salts to help reduce acidity. Directions must be carefully followed.
Malolactic fermentation – Malolactic fermentation (MLF) is an excellent tool to lower the acidity of wine, improve
mouthfeel, and remove some unripe, green flavor characteristics. It is used in many red wines and it works very well in many white wines.
Carbonic maceration – fermenting a percentage of your grapes whole cluster







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