Events & Specials

It is possible to have parties at our vineyard. We don't have fancy facilities, but we do have access to running water, refrigerator, and several picnic tables for eating and drinking. Also, there are sufficient grounds to put up large tents for larger gatherings.


Please contact us sufficiently far enough ahead for adequate planning.


You will find there is always something happening at Mitchell Vineyard in the summer and fall.

Date Event
late Aug - early Oct

Grape Harvest

An annual picking of the grapes. Individuals and families welcome.  Picking shears and buckets provided, along with the free use of grape crushers and presses.



We are also available during harvest willing to taste your nice wines from the previous years!

Mid March- May













2021 - Annual spring Pruning - 


Winemaking Class

It will be held Fall of 2024 b

Each September we hold a winemaking class.  We schedule it in early to  mid-August to coincide with the harvest. Please check back in August for the next vineyard winemaking class.