Covid 19


Because of the continually changing nature of the virus will be rearranging our procedures some to help us keep whatever outside distances are needed from one another while making check-in, grape picking, checkout and grape crushing process as easy and quick as possible. 

We will have a greeter the initial 2 weeks so we can explain to you what we are doing and how it may have changed if you picked our grapes previously. 

We also strongly suggest that customers wear their face masks while checking in and milling around during the crushing and pressing or just chatting with one another. When you are in the vineyard and picking you can probably be far enough from others that you can safely take off your mask. You may find this comfortable on a warm sunny day. We will have masks available near check-in for those who forget theirs. 

We will also have a hand washing and sterilizing solution area, and face masks available for those who do not have their own. We like to keep in mind that we are doing others a favor by wearing one, so we don't give them what we might have.

We will be posting some of our changes as we develop them and grape ripening times proceed. 

If you have questions or suggestions we will listen to them and respond as best we can.