Winemaking classes Fall 2023

 This is our Fall Winemaking Class. 


It will be on: Sunday, Sept. 10th @ 11am @ Mitchell Vineyard. $30/person or $50 for two, includes gift card to the Shop.


And it will be given by Ben Feifarek, the owner of The Wine & Hop Shop, in Madison, WI. Open since 1972, it is famous for it advice and supplies. 

Wine and Hop Shop


If needed , you may pick your grapes earlier than Sep 10th, if you want to have them fermenting and will enjoy the class for information and answering any of your questions. 

It will be outside and in the backside of the Vineyard building. There are tables available for use! So come and enjoy yourself!
We also have a lot of information in handouts during our picking time, usually early September to early October.
We pick on Tuesdays, Saturdays amd Sundays.
Also, The Wine & Hop Shop 1931 Monroe St., Madison, 608-257-0099 can answer your questions.