Welcome to Spring 2024


Not sure yet. I will enter more infor when the weather becomews warmer and ore certain.


Pruning has come and gone, very quickly this year. It has been an unusual Spring with some temps in the 80's for several days followed by a frost/freeze. We have been fortunate in that many of our varieities have done well. However...there are usually however's with grapevines... they have become overly vigorous with many extra buds and shoots, which we have to take off in order to have a balanced crop.


We have now begun combing some varieties ot grapevines, so we need some extra help because they are growing rapidly from the beautiful temperatures and lots and lots of sun. We have also been using our drip irrigation to keep them from being too thirsty, If you are interested in helping and learning about how to treat your vines, please let us know.  There is also remuneration!


From last year 2022, We are about 60% of our 1st round of pruning, which is selecting which canes we will leave for the 2nd round of pruning. Round two will come as late as we can allow it.  We wait until the apical buds, those at the far end of the cane, develop and push leaves before we cut back to the 2 basal buds, those nearest the cordon. This can give us an additional week of frost protecion since the apical buds push first. The will begin to push where pruning cuts have ben made on the cane.


After frost or freeze we get on with the other aspects of growing grapes.



Other sources where you can buy your own grape vines are:

Northeastern Vine Supply, Inc. 1428 River Rd., West Pawlet, VT 05775 802-287-9311

Double A Vineyards: 10277 Christy Rd, Fredonia, NY; 716-672-8493


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