This could be called the King of grapes in the US.  Why? Because it is the most widely planted vine in the country.  And who hasn't had the delicious juice made from it.  Recently scientists have found that it also contains high levels of resveratrol, a chemical found in red wines and certain foods that has reputed anti-inflammatory, blood-sugar-lowering and other beneficial cardiovascular effects. It is found in red grapes mainly in the skins - and red wines are fermented on skins, which is why they contain a high level of resveratrol. 


Concord grapes are also good for making a traditional-medium sweet wine, or a delicious juice.


To make fresh juice from Concords, crush them, allow them to sit for several hours, and then press the juice out.  Allowing them to sit a bit permits more color and flavor to come from the skins.


Remember, we have a crusher and press you can use at the vineyard. 

Juice Grapes


We find that Concord and Delaware make the most popular juice grapes, in part because they are loaded with flavor.  Juice is easy to make.  Customers then often can or freeze the juice once it is pressed from the grapes.  This is a good way to provide healthful, nutritious, non-sweetened, except by nature, juice through the winter and spring months.  

Seedless Grapes



Our Somerset is a delicious, light red grape that melts in your mouth. It ripens early, about the 3rd week of August till about mid-September. We munch it like candy while we are working in the wine grapes. It is also a good keeper in your fridge so will last a while. Just be sure to not let the kids know where they are in the fridge or you will be disappointed when you next go for some.