Delaware grapes are delicious. Few customers don't like the flavor. The drawback, if there is one, is that they have seeds.  And why not? 

Why is it that seeds bother people? Oranges have seeds, cherries have pits, olives have them.  

Here's how various customers deal with seeds - swallow them (our preference), spit them out, or chew them. They are very high in the substances that make red wine good for you.  Health food stores carry grape seed extract. 


Enough on that. Besides being a tasty eating grape, Delaware makes a very nice champagne, with a touch of pink color.  It has been a favorite grape for eastern sparkling wine for decades. We have tons of it.  Try it, you'll like it.


Care for a slightly sweet flavorful wine, again Delaware is a good choice.



Delaware mid-ripe August 2010