A very early ripening black grape with small berries that produce a fruity, light red table wine. The vines are hardy and medium in vigor and production.

In southern Wisconsin Foch has been fully hardy, down to - 22 F.,

It ripens in our area between late August, and mid-September, with Sep 5-10 being typical. It will reach 22 Brix for us with acid levels near .8 - .9, which are easily dealt with in the home winery.

It is a grape with a wide range of usefulness, making Rose wines, beaujolias style wines, or light bodied red wines. May be made dry or off-dry.

On heavy soils foch may be of medium vigor, or slightly less. In heavier soils production may also decline over time.


Foch is also a favorite of birds. They tend to love, small, dark, red grapes.  Plan ahead!

Foch grapes mid-August 2010