A New Red Grape for Delicious Dry Red Wine

A new red wine variety from the University of Minnesota with high levels of cold hardiness and disease resistance with excellent wine quality. Marquette has withstood temperatures as low as -36 degrees F without serious injury. Resistance to infestation by foliar phylloxera has been moderate. Wines have an attractive deep red color, desirable aromas of cherry, black pepper, spice, and berry, with substantial tannin structure rarely found in hybrid wines. *Patented cultivar from the University of Minnesota Breeding Program- Royalty will be added to order as follows: $0.50 per vine


That said, it is also a favorite of ours. It is said to resemble wines of the southern Rhone region. It contains more tannins than most all other hybrid grapes, which give it body and substance.


There have been customers who do not care for its flavors, so, as with any wine, try drinking some before you plant it so you don't wind up kicking yourself 3 or 4 years down the road.